What is Lipstick & Lace?
Lipstick & Lace is a private boutique boudoir photography studio that focuses on celebrating your beauty! Whether you want an intimate lingerie boudoir shoot, a beauty portrait session or an expressive goddess style creative shoot, Lipstick & Lace will express your true beauty.

How do you describe your style?

My style is elegant, sophisticated, romantic, sensual and most of all, tasteful. My commitment is to expressing your beauty as I see it revealed. I believe that connection is key, so I create a space where you feel comfortable to relax and be yourself so that I can show your true beauty as it shines through you.

What is Boudoir?
The word boudoir is a French word used to describe a woman's private dressing room. Boudoir photos are intimate photos of you revealing your beauty. Typically boudoir sessions take place in a bedroom-style setting and the women wear lingerie or less.

Where does my shoot take place?

All boudoir shoots are done in my private home studio. There are two bedroom sets: one is a french apartment-style studio lit room. The other room has a stunning white stone wall and plenty of natural window light. In the studio there is a vintage couch set, a full length ornate mirror and various wall surfaces including damask wall paper and a full length window.

I want an on-location boudoir shoot. Is that possible?

Anything is possible! I would love to take the show on the road and photograph you where you feel most beautiful! There is a $50 location fee for within city limits. For distances farther than Edmonton, give me a shout and we can work out the details. I love to travel and destination boudoir shoots are so much fun!

I am a very private person. Will my photos be on your website and social media?

All of the images that you see on my website or social media have been approved by the client. You have complete control over whether your images are featured and if you are not comfortable you are welcome to decline. I take privacy seriously. During your shoot I am the only person here, so you can relax and have fun! You will fill out a privacy policy once you see the images so that you can decide if and where your images will be displayed. View the complete privacy policy here.

Does my shoot have to be a boudoir shoot?

No. If you prefer a less "sexy" style of photo shoot, I am happy to discuss with you how YOU want to be photographed and we can call it a portrait shoot instead. A portrait session can take place at the studio or on location somewhere that suites our concept that we come up with together. The session will still be dedicated to showing the real you in a flattering way.  It may be designed to highlight something that is really special about you or be a creative expression of your passions. A portrait is going to portray your inner essence; your beauty.

What is a goddess shoot?

Using influence from the natural world and your passions and desires, we create an artistic expression of the goddess qualities that you embrace in yourself. These shoots are deeply healing as you embrace more of who you truly are. For these sessions we consult together to identify the goddess qualities that you identify with or the essence of you that you want to illustrate and celebrate, then we come up with an artistic concept to work with which will reveal the location and various props and styling for the shoot.

What is a portrait shoot?

In this time of social media we all have many photos of ourselves that are not necessarily flattering, especially all the selfie's! A portrait shoot with Lipstick & Lace gives you the opportunity to be photographed in flattering light and angles, expressing the beauty that you are. Rather than lingerie that you wear in a boudoir shoot, you will wear anything that you feel beautiful in for a portrait shoot.

What do you retouch? I have stretch marks/cellulite/blemishes. Will that be a problem?

Some women are distracted by stretch marks, cellulite and acne when they look in the mirror. These "imperfections" act as distractions from the truth of the beauty that pulses from within. I retouch final images with what I call a "skin polish," removing bruises, blemishes, cellulite and minimizing stretch marks. I will also make adjustments occasionally if the outfit you are wearing has created a bulge.



"The pampering experience of a professional hair and makeup application, and you dressing in what makes you feel sexy and beautiful, is a process of opening a doorway for your beauty to shine through, and I am there with my lens to greet it."

"No matter what you see when you look in the mirror, it is my belief that a photo session with me will enhance that reflection so you see a little more of the beauty that I see in you."


All photography is done by me, Karla Muzyka.