Photo Credit:Jennifer Williams

                                                                   Photo Credit:Jennifer Williams

"To me beauty does not have one look. It is not specific to style.  I believe beauty exists everywhere, in all things. Personal beauty is a force of nature that manifests in moments and expressions and it is unique to each person. It reveals itself when we connect with the true inner essence of who we are."

"I have spent my whole life observing beauty. Even as a little girl, I would watch people as they smiled, as they laughed, even as they cried... I have always had an eye for seeing what is beautiful and I have explored it in may ways."

"I believe that every woman deserves the chance to be photographed so she can experience her own beauty, embraced by a moment as it flows from her being. A women's own beauty often gets missed by her as she moves through a busy life caring for those around her. I love taking beautiful portraits of women so there is evidence for her to see what others experience in her.

I am Karla Muzyka. To describe myself in a few words is an impossible task. What is most relevant here is that I am passionately dedicated to the exploration of beauty in this world and I hold tight to the wish that all people remember who they truly are. I feel especially called to work with women at this time, sharing my reflection of what I see and allowing them the space to be themselves, beautiful as they are.
I have been photographing women since I was in college studying photography, 15 years ago. Every woman has seen herself differently after the experience of being photographed. I invite you to give yourself the gift of this experience, whether it be a portrait or a boudoir session, to celebrate the beauty that lives in you!
In my experience, being comfortable in the surroundings of a shoot and with your photographer is key to this process, so please contact me and we can arrange a time for you to come to my studio, meet me and go over the details of your shoot. I would love to meet you and learn about how you want to be photographed to express your unique beauty.


{When I am not behind my camera, I am often visiting with friends over a cup of tea or traveling and exploring the world. I am a deep lover of nature and animals. I love to learn and experience life in all of its wonders! I practice yoga on and off the mat and work in the healing arts. I have been married to my wonderful husband for 8 years and continue to grow deeper in love with him daily. Life is truly beautiful isn't it?!}

"I feel beautiful when I am living life on my terms. As long as I am facing my fears and exploring my heart, I can feel beautiful anytime, regardless of whether I am wearing lingerie or a parka. My truth is revealed when I am honest with how I am feeling, and those in my life will see it across my whole being. I see beauty everywhere I turn as long as I am willing and open to the flow of energy in life."



                                                                                          "Be your own kind of Beautiful!"